Princess Fight

Harness the power of crystals and smash your friends!

By all accounts, the alien civilization commonly knowned as the Prim were incredibly advanced across numerous galaxies. As proof of their scientific mastery, they left behind poweful crystals on the planets they visited; artifacts that could generate energy, strengthen and heal living tissue, and even bring the dead back to life. However, in order to promote the development of civilization instead of barbarism, the crystals were designed so that only the delicate touch of a princess could activate their true power.

And with consolidated power, comes greed. Become a princess and battle neighboring kingdoms over the crystals.

Princess Fight is an always online 4v4 team-based game featuring many princessess with backstories that ties into the game’s lore. Ranging from a demon princess and her pet centaur to a robot princess who just wants to be human, the game has 5 unique princesses so far. Each princess has 3 unique skills that can be leveled up in a variety of ways depending on your choice. Collect crystals across the map to gain health and xp and become stronger than the opposing team.

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NOTE: Download latest version to play on default server. Any version before 1.2.1 will try to connect to a discontinued server.
If download isn’t working: Google Drive Mirror
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Download Stand Alone Exe-1.2.1
Download Stand Alone Exe-1.1

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