The Freshman Experience

Investigate into the death of Sean the Seagull and bring the murderer to justice!

As a Peer Leader at Georgia Tech, you find that one of the freshmen you are supposed to keep under control is dead. There are eleven suspects and you must uncover hints by talking to them. Bring together the pieces of evidence to seek justice for Sean in this murder mystery visual novel!

Every character in this game is based off a real person — someone active within my dorm. It was made during Georgia Tech’s ArtHacks, but it was made for my friends. I made the visual novel engine able to parse text files which contains commands for dialogue, emotion, and movement. With this system, I was able to work with 3 other artists/designers and able to complete the game in only 18 hours: 12 hours for the hackathon and 6 more for finishing touches. Credit to Owen Schupp, Sarah Weyand, and Jack Wolfard for assisting me with writing and art. Besides Jack, they are also characters in the game.

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