Ned and His Powerbars

This is for my imaginary friend Ned and his (my) obsession with Powerbars.

The disturbing ‘:^)’ faces are out to get your POWER. Punch them and absorb their souls. Eventually you will encounter The Elderly Lady who should NOT be underestimated.

In the beginning of the game, you will find a huge Powerbar which you can either eat to gain power or use it for a special purpose in the end of the game. If you are having trouble defeating the game, just eat the Powerbar and you will have enough strength to crush those demonic ‘:^)’.

There are multiple endings, so be careful with the choices you make! Made for Ludum Dare #39, a 48-hour competitive game jam. The theme was Running Out of Power.

By the way, press ‘M’ to mute sounds and ‘F’ in the Windows version for a fullscreen experience.

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