World domination is at your fingertips.

After being contacted by notorious hacker Shadow_master, you have been given a choice to lead his mission of destroying every personal computer in the world! To wipe out technology and give humanity a clean slate is a big task, but you have the help of several other hackers from every continent to assist you. Start the infection in either Australia, Africa, or Europe and then spread it to other continents. Don’t make too many risky moves, however, otherwise the information agencies around the world will start tracking you and you will be caught.

Mal-Wars has a special place in my heart because it was my first big project. I made it myself, but the idea and gameplay design was created with the help of Julian Hernandez. I first developed Chill Hammer as a website just to share Mal-Wars to my friends, but this strategy game was only the starting point to a future of game development.


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