Guardian of the Throne

The king and queen have entrusted you with the fate of their kingdom.

The incoming barbarian army is too much. The townsfolk and monarchy have already evacuated, but in a final attempt to deal as much damage as they could to their foes, they hired you: the Guardian of the Throne. Defend the throne at all costs and train to become strong enough to defeat their general waiting on the outskirts of town. To get strong, you must loot gold and buy items to customize your character to your playstyle.

Guardian of the Throne is a League of Legends inspired video game. It features a single-player campaign with three difficulties and a Local Area Network(LAN) multiplayer game mode that supports up to 10 players. Multiplayer mode is a blast if you have friends on the same network. Work together or alone in a deathmatch with either limited lives or a time limit. Either way, it’ll still get pretty heated as you outplay your friend in a close battle.


Download Stand Alone Exe
Download Windows Nsis Installer
Download Stand Alone Exe- Without Directx Shaders


DirectX End-User Runtime is needed to run this game due to shaders.