Fedora Frisbee

Ever wanted to tip your fedora on the battlefield? Me neither.

You play as a peanut-shaped gentleman. One day, your mates decide to see what happens when they throw their only hat. The next day they raise a hedge-fund to perform the World’s greatest fedora frisbee tournament.

Fedora Frisbee is a third-person team sports game. I created this game solo with my own C++ game engine using OpenGL and GLFW for window management. Each team has 3 players with the goal being to throw the frisbee into the goal. It features Utility AI to decide macro positioning and steering to decide micro positioning. Team AI is handled by delegating roles from an overwatch AI. The game also features a mode where an AI can take over the player agent and you can watch the game.

GitHub Source Code


Download Compressed Application Zip

Gameplay Clip